Why Vietnam Is Top 5 Must-Visit Country

Vietnam has flourished since its independence from colonial powers. And now it is a safe and well-known tourist destination. With incredible scenery, festivals, tasty foods, it is a well-known tourist destination.

If you still have any doubts about visiting Vietnam. Then allow us to tell you why you should visit Vietnam.

Street Food:

To get the best taste in Vietnam, you don’t have to go to a hi-fi 5-star hotel. Instead, the best place to eat would be on plastic stools on the sidewalks. Here you can find noodle soups, bun cha, or the iconic bun ca. All around the day, you’ll find several Vietnamese on the food carts, eating and enjoying the moment.

Street food is fresh, healthy, and invariably tasty. So, if you want to truly experience the life of Vietnam, your first stop should be at these food carts.


Tourists often consider the beaches of Cambodia or Thailand to be the best beaches to visit. But what people don’t know is that Vietnam’s beaches are equal, if not more. They are known to be the country’s unsung beauties. The beaches of Vietnam rival the beaches of Thailand and Cambodia.

The beach towns of Nui Ne and Nha Trang beaches are quite famous. But for the peace-loving tourists, there are beaches like Doc Let. It is a quiet and less-traveled beach. If you’re planning to visit Vietnam, then make it your priority if you’re going for a recreational trip.


Vietnam isn’t a country that is filled with cities, people, and beaches. It has hidden beauties too. The Ha Long Bay, the ancient town of Hoi An, and Phong Bang National Park are remarkable landscapes.

  • Ha Long Bay is a series of 1500 islands and islets. The spectacular limestone pillars act as perfect scenery for nature lovers and photographers.
  • Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage Town. A flourishing port town from the 15th to the 19th century, Hoi An’s era ended when the Thu Bon River silted up. In the 1990s, the UN declared it a world heritage site, and since then, it has flourished again.
  • Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park has a conservation value. It is the largest intact forest habitat in Vietnam. Here, you’ll find the wildlife and get to see the scenery. There are wildlife stations that take tourists for tours in the forest.


Vietnam has a relatively low cost per experience. That’s why it is a well-known traveling site for backpackers. In Vietnam, you can stay for a whole week without breaking the bank.

Traveling by bus or rail is the way to go. It is cheap and makes moving from one city to another easier. If you want to experience a little bit of luxury, you can get a ticket on budget airlines.

When talking about the rents, the hostels or guest houses cost under 30$ per night. At the same time, you can rent a bike for a whole day for as low as 6$.

Even though Vietnam faces inflation, it is still an affordable place to visit compared to other countries.


Due to the events of the 20th century, people tend to forget that Vietnam had a remarkable history before that. Thanks to the long history with traditions and Buddhist influence, Vietnam has festivals all-round the year. They are unknown to the western world but are enjoyable to learn about.

  • Hai Phong is a buffalo fighting festival. In this, the buffalo that wins is then sacrificed to the village god.
  • The Tet holiday is the perfect time to visit. In this, you’ll get to see how the families celebrate and show their love for their ancestors. Mind you, and you shouldn’t mistake it for the Chinese New Year festival. Some nationalists might even consider it as an insult.
  • 2nd September is a remarkable day to visit as you’ll get to see national-wide parades.

A Haven for Vegans and Vegetarians:

Buddhism is the main religion of Vietnam which means you can find vegan and vegetarian food easily in Vietnam. But this isn’t any typical vegan food. Like all the other foods in Vietnam, vegetarian foods have a remarkable taste. If you’re new to Vietnam and don’t know where to find vegetarian foods. Then look for the word ‘chay’ in signs.

You can find vegetarian restaurants ranging anywhere from cheap to fancier. But if you want to look for a budget-friendly option, street foods are where you should be. That is known as Com Chay. This is a plate of rice with vegetables, faux meat, tofu, and a side soup for as low as $1.

Recreational Islands:

If you are tired of city life, then you can head over to the islands of Vietnam. There are well over 40 islands in Vietnam. These islands act as a getaway from city life. That’s why tourists and the locals love to spend some time on the islands. But don’t worry, these islands are still quiet and peaceful.

The Con Dao islands, Hon Tre, and Phu Quoc islands in South Vietnam are remarkable. They are peaceful and have clean beaches to spend your time on. And when you get to central Vietnam, you get Ly Son Island.

All these islands have a charm of their own. Here you get to eat fresh seafood that is caught and cooked on the same day.


Vietnam in itself is a difficult country for foreigners. And that is because of communication difficulties, confusing customs, and other reasons. Here you get unique and rewarding experiences. From the urban areas to the jungles, you get to experience all. Not only that, the tourist department has some islands as the best recreational sites too.