The Best Accessory for Travel


Travelers know that strategically packing for a long trip is essential. They also learn to pack only what they need and not throw everything into their suitcase. 

We’ve compiled a review to help you choose the best accessory for travel. Choose any useful, space-saving items for your next long flight in place of cumbersome add-ons.

Best Travel Accessories Reviewed  

  1. Eversnug Travel Blankets and Pillows: 

Designed for travel, EverSnug Travel Blankets are lightweight and extra comfortable. They are all-season blankets. Featuring a length of 65 inches and a width of 40 inches, these blankets are large enough for everyone to stay warm. You can use it in various places, such as planes, cars, airports, or while camping.

Best Accessory for Travel
EverSnug Travel Blankets

In addition to keeping you warm, its Microplush carrying case also serves great headrest. Its carrying case includes a sleeve that lets you attach a suitcase easily. 


  • You can clip your travel blanket to any backpack
  • Micro plush of premium quality.
  • It doubles as a travel blanket or pillow.
  • Various colors are available.


  • You can use either the blanket or the pillow
  1. World Travel Adapter Kit By Ceptics: 

The Ceptics 12-piece plug set allows you to take only the plug adapters you need for your trip and charge many devices simultaneously. 

An integrated micro-USB cable and a multi-outlet adapter are in this all-in-one kit. You can charge up to five devices simultaneously. The adapter also includes thirteen different plugs, which clip on and off the back and can be used everywhere.

With built-in surge protection, this adapter protects against voltage surges and spikes. You’ll also notice a voltage indicator on the charger, so you’ll see the 220v or 110v light illuminate when the adapter plugs in.


  • It covers almost all countries 
  • Easy to use
  • The pouch is there to keep the plugs together


  • There are no USB sockets
  1. Steamer For Clothes:

The steamer features a heating element and metal steelhead, ensuring great performance and reliability. The nano water filter inside the streamer allows you to use tap water best without worrying about calcification. These steamers stay cool outside and anywhere. They shut off automatically.

A steam channeling design and electronic pump systems are included. The steam is evenly distributed regardless of the angle. You can even use it upside down without spitting or leaking water. 

You can iron without burning yourself or spilling any water.


  • Effortless to use
  • Most the light in weight 
  • They consume less space 


  • Can’t give clothes a sharp look.
  1. Phoozy Apollo Series Thermal Phone Case:

The phone case uses NASA spacesuit technologies to reflect away the sun’s heat (up to 90%), so the device can be safe from overheating. It also insulates your device, especially in a cold atmosphere, to increase battery life up to 3 times more.

You can save your device from drops up to 6 feet with built-in impactor Core 1.0. It is splash-proof and water-resistant. If it drops in water, it floats. That way, you can easily retrieve it.  

First, you need to measure the phone case. This is necessary to meet the Interior Dimensions, which are 6.0″ x 0.40″ x 3.0″. These dimensions apply to almost all medium-sized phones, either android or iOS.


  • It’s compatible with almost all smartphones.
  • It saves your phone from falling and protects perfectly
  • It is sink, water, and weather resistant.
  • You can attach it easily to your backpack, belt, boat, bicycle, or other gear.


  • Remove your phone from its case to use it.
  1. Pelican – Marine Series Waterproof Floating Phone Pouch:

With the Pelican-branded one from Case-Mate, your phone is completely protected.

Case-Mate’s pouch has some unique features worth considering. For instance, it’s equipped with built-in air cushions that keep it safe from drops and buoyant if it’s dropped in water. When it falls overboard, it can be easily recovered!

The best part is that it can withstand water depths up to 3.3 feet for up to 30 minutes. It is the perfect layer of protection for anyone working outdoors or just wanting a little extra peace of mind as they “get away from it all. 


  • With built-in buoyancy, the phone is more easily retrieved.
  • The detachable lanyard also secures it.
  • You can use your phone through the clear window.


  • The size is sometimes misleading.
  1. Kenley Kids Travel Trays:

This toddler tray caters to both hungry and bored toddlers. The Kenley Kids’ Travel and Play Tray is the perfect way to keep your kids entertained and busy on long drives, plane trips, or train tours, giving them a place to eat comfortably. 

Featuring a tablet pouch (medium-sized), 2 cup holders, and a removable storage compartment, which is collapsible too. It also has two large-sized zippered and mesh pockets to enjoy more storage. So, it doesn’t matter how many travel toys, crayons, or snacks you bring. 


  • Folds up for easy storage and portability.
  • A four-inch reinforced sidewall holds the coloring supplies, food, and toys.
  • It features extra pockets for extra storage.


  • It’s not machine washable
  1. Diaper Bag Backpack:

It’s a large capacity and multi-compartment diaper bag. There are multiple functional storage bags inside and outside, a reasonable partition, and an easy-to-use arrangement. A bag inside and out has separate wet and dry compartments and multi-layered compartments for diapers and wet towels.

Its multi-kinetic energy bed measures 29.9 inches long, making it suitable for children 0-2 years of age. The bed also has foldable and removable side supports. It can be made into a temporary crib in a few minutes, useful for changing baby diapers outside. Its side panels have a breathable mesh.


  • It’s portable
  • Versatile
  • A transparent zipper bag that can hold business cards. 


  • No instructions on how to assemble it. 


Summing up, you can see that there are a lot of accessories available that can be handy on your travels, whether you are traveling within your country or abroad. If you are on the road, these accessories will make all the difference!